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About Tom

C#, SQL JavasScript, PHP, XAML

Tom has over 9 years of experience in Web Development and Apps Development. Pass the Wycombe New University Diploma he was exploring the web development and focused on creating bespoke web platforms. For the past 5 years, Tom’s main focus is around developing Business related Windows and Web platforms.


Over 5 years of experience in App Development and Design. Starting from PHP, MySQL in early days, finishing on WPF and MVC. Skilled in PHP, C#, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS and Continuous Improvement.
Strong information technology professional with a Diploma focused in HTML & CSS, Programming, Multimedia from Bucks New University.

Interests and Hobbies

Tom loves playing football. Although with his current diet this may turn into a walking-football :). He loves spending time with his young family. If we have to describe Tom in two words this would be “Dedicated Workoholic” 🙂 .