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Creative Apps & Web Design

Website Design High Wycombe

We offer tailored solutions within web design & development for our clients. Modern websites effectively communicate and represent your business needs. This helps to direct potential customers to the core of your brand. Web design & development is about analysing the competition, relevant content and communication. Therefore, we Google optimise all of our websites to provide strong SEO and unique visual experience.

Apps Development High Wycombe

Our process is simple yet extremely effective. We will discuss your needs in depth, utilising our expert knowledge to create the most effective design. In the process, we will make sure that you get full visibility of the project so we can implement the best design for your business needs. We offer a range of services within app development. Please see below for more details.

Web Design

web design prototype

Prototype Step 1

Each project is visually prepared and presented to customers as a "Web Design Prototype". Structure, layout and interface.

business domains registration

Domain Step 2

We will register your company website domain and use our tools to find you a name most suitable for our business.

website hosting high wycombe

Hosting Step 3

Our web design quotes include hosting and domain plans. Unless you would like to use your own.

local web development

Development Step 4

Once the prototype and all details agreed we will start your website development. Regardless of static pages or CMS, we are code masters!

search engine optimize

SEO Step 5

No website should be published without search engine optimisation! We offer SEO with all our web packages.

website security

Security Step 6

We are GDPR approved. All our projects are built with additional security features. We protect the customer data with a personalised password and other features.

website publishing

Publishing Step 7

Important is to follow all steps and make sure that the process for the new website is different than replacing existing web pages.

website support wycombe

Support Sep 8

At the end of each project, we offer contract support. Regardless of project size, we supply our clients with free video tutorials. You will always have something to refer to for FAQ.

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We cover several aspects of web development. From web design, hosting, domains, SEO, web graphics to content writing and logo design.

Please visit our web design & development page to read more about this service.

Apps Development

Windows, Web, Mobile

Windows Business Apps

Our Windows Apps operate on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems. We design software in such a way that it integrates with Microsoft products. We use the latest MS libraries to produce fully optimised solutions.

Web-Based Applications

Our web-based applications deliver the perfect speed and balance between modern interfaces, agility and usability. We specialize in bespoke software from PHP for Apache server to MVC for Windows servers.

Mobile Applications

We offer Android mobile applications, which means mobility and easy data access for your business. With the ever-growing market for this type of software, we are aiming for cost-efficient solutions and ongoing support.

apps design prototype

Prototype Step 1

Similar to Web design prototype for Apps development follows the same process. However, the app design prototype will include an interactive framework.

apps database

Database Step 2

For each project, we have to run full inspection of data and database solutions. Best practice is to create and publish a ready database structure before the app build process.

apps infrastructure

Infrastructure Step 3

The third step in our software development life cycle is to collect all details about data and app infrastructure. This process is critical for code choice and performance.

developing apps

Development Step 4

Once we have agreed on the previous steps, we can start developing our App. We will send our customers a real-time report on this process. We will also be in constant communication with our clients.

apps security

Security Step 5

The security profile and testing will include the front-end as well as database testing. Depending on the app functionality this may need to be discussed in the earlier stage of the SDLC.

apps testing

Testing Step 6

The testing will include security breaches as well as full code inspections and functionality issues. We will test the App for the infrastructure we've agreed in step 3.

apps publishing

Publishing Step 7

We will agree with our client the best time and practice for publishing their new App. To make sure we create minimal disruption in the office environment we will be available for the weekend.

apps support

Support Sep 8

For the core functionalities of the App, we will prepare video tutorials with the FAQ. For any updates or changes to the App, we will strictly follow the rules agreed in the Contract and SDLC.

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