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Windows Apps

Design & Development

At Simplosoft we specialise in windows apps and our agile software development approach means that we maximise the potential of integrating an app within your business environment. Our team will ensure that we gain a deep understanding of your brand, ethos and market trends to implement the best app design. Our team specialize in custom app development and will ensure that your business receives a bespoke windows application that delivers results. Our application design of windows business apps will provide you a modern, efficient and effective method of maximizing the potential of your business to gain an advantage over your competitors.

web net apps design

Web Apps

Design & Development

If you’re looking for an app that provides cross platform flexibility, over the web solutions our team at Simplosoft can design and implement a website app that is cost-effective, to maximize your business needs. Using the web as a framework, our team can implement a website app that helps your business work collaboratively and efficiently to streamline your business processes. We develop our web apps based on MVC .Net technology linking with an SQL database to manage and store your data. Alternatively, our teams expertise in web programming, means that we can also implement a website app in JavaScript and PHP for all Linux based solutions.

mobile appsprogramming

Mobile Apps

Design & Development

At Simplosoft our team are also experienced in mobile application development and specialise in android ui design and android programming. We focus on tailoring the needs of our clients to design & implement a mobile application that will outshine your competitors and most importantly provide a platform to continue business growth. Our team strive for simplicity and our software engineering approach focuses on providing an unrivalled user experience. We implement bespoke mobile applications and our team are passionate and have the experience to build from the ground up.