2 Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

We can’t complain about the amount of available graphic design applications. Everywhere you look, there will be yet another company offering applications that will outperform the others. The question is which one do you choose? Considering that you might not have sufficient funds to purchase apps from recommended Adobe. Below are two apps that will help you in getting similar results.

1. Adobe Illustrator (Paid)

As mentioned above, Illustrator is the app you want to practice, learn and explore. There are three main reasons why you should stick to Illustrator:
a. All Adobe apps have similar intercase. Once you will find your way, you will have no problem exploring other Adobe products.
b. The banner, logo or graphic design created in Illustrator is in vectors, ready for print. Additionally, most printing companies would use it in their workshops.
c. The Illustrator also supports SVG which is popular in modern websites.

2. Inkscape (Free)

Powerful (for free version) Inkscape would be my preferred choice for free graphic design apps. With its layout and features like from the Illustrator, the Inkscape is a perfect tool to create your first logo design.
Also supports vectors and SVG. You can read more about its features on their official website.

3. Serif Draw Plus (Free)

I haven’t worked on this app enough to have my reliable say. However, I was impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The software in the full edition costs approximately £90. You can test their free version called Starter Edition. If you are interested, have a go and let me know your thoughts.