Beginners Guide – Which App for Animations

Adobe After Effects, an honest opinion for all beginners and designers fascinated about video effects. If you already have the Effects knowledge and you thinking about earning few pounds, you need to look closer at Maya and Nuke. The After Effects is not the best app for animations. However, if you have an eye for details, you can create some beautiful animations. There are at least two reasons why you should start your animations adventure with After Effect.

The first reason is for tutorials.

There are lots of tutorials available online and large blog community where you can ask a question. They will help you narrow to a specific effect. I have been stuck multiple times and found that there is always someone there that had the same problem and come up with a solution.

The second reason is for the templates.

You can find a lot of After Effect templates that you can use for free. Now, I’m not inviting you to copy someone else’s work. But wouldn’t make your life easier to download a template and see what settings you need to use to achieve the same effect! Let’s think outside the box! Because you can don’t mean you should use it. To Sum up, After Effect is a great tool you can learn on and take to the higher level.