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Agile Software Development

The QK App is another example of Windows 10 app developed based on C# WPF. It connects to local SQL database storing business-critical information locally with sufficient protection.

App Development Functions

The core functionality of our windows application is to search and filter over 3500 students attending the academy. After filtering, users will have an option to create the selection list. Best results are added to a bracket and send to production director who will invite the individual for the casting day.

What this App can do?

Apart from the above our App performs several database tasks, let me give you a little tour. As I’ve mentioned above the first tab handles filtering. This filter contains 20 custom fields where users can search via date or specific descriptions like eye colour.
The second tab lists all database operations like databases submissions and user logins. This menu tab can also quickly draw all the submissions created by the user from a day one they’ve logged their account. Menu tab three handles reporting to admin. The administrator can choose from 3 different reports like user submissions as well as the individual artist. The menu tab three can also report to admin how many times the artist was put through for the casting. Tabs four and five were designed for updating the SQL database.

Database Solutions

Worth mentioning that some part of our App has to refer to Access database tables. So we have to write a conversion script that outputs from Access to SQL. Menu Tab six was developed for online database updates. Our App submits latest database changes to the company website. There are several more processes that App is handling, unfortunately, cant mention all in this post. If you would like to know more details please drop us an email. The development time was four months including design, development and testing. At this point, you are probably asking yourself, what are the benefits? First of all, I would like to stress that our customer went through several off the shelf solutions.

Software Development Advantages

Unfortunately, none could do what they needed. In the best scenario, they have to operate in two apps creating massive confusion and tearing the database apart! Our QK App targeted the database problem and solved the old Access database issue. It cut down the customer response time by staggering 60%! In return, the business was reworded with 1 in 2 confirmed jobs instead of 1 in 7 as it was in the past. To sum up, if your company runs on off the shelf solution that is working magic for the business than I have nothing but congratulate you.
Otherways, you can always email Simplosoft…