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Custom App Development

Designed to run on Windows the Fogmaker app is our most recent development. Our App links with the internally hosted database that lists over 80.000 vehicles.

Business Software Development

Build in login and password functionality helps our customers display user-specific content. It also saves and reports login credentials. The main window consists four navigation tabs. Fogmaker App will perform the search on all vehicles with 20 filters included. In the main tab, you will find the inspection report and last ten services. The customer fleet reviews which are a part of the second tab can generate PDF, Word, Excel base reports. These report can be auto-forwarded to the client. The last three tabs are linked to the admin who can add, remove, change the information. High-performance Fogmaker App was designed to look after customer specific fleets. The app functionalities help track many services assigned to the vehicle after the installation. The Fogmaker application was designed and developed on modern Microsoft platform called WPF. Our app was designed to operate on Windows 8 or Windows 10 due to its modern and agile framework.

What this App can do

Below we have included a list of requested Formaker specifications.

a) new database must be created with a facility for end-user to add and change customers and vehicles information.
b) the above information must be fed into the main database as a description for (combo) boxes.
c) email facility – the button click function to email customer latest fleet report.
d) application must generate a list of vehicles based on the customer calculation.
e) lookup dates for all 10 services (excluding the installation date), bring forward the last service by date and count 53 months from the last date. If date returns less than 53 months display as “URGENT”.
f) vehicle history report
g) create section listing all 10 services – engage by registration click. h) report of which customer and when received last Fogmaker Service Report.

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