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  • Post Date 30th March 2018
  • Title Elf Musical Web Design
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Elf Musical Web Design

An exciting and loaded with the newest technology web design project from Simplosoft. Elf website has been built based on a popular bootstrap framework combined with CMS systems.

Musical Web Design

Visitors will experience some modern video presentations and smart hover animations. Our project was nominated for the “Website of The Day” award, sponsored by top websites galleries in Europe. The aim of this website is promoting UK based musical. In the musical viewers can see 80 actors from across the UK. The venues are set up in three cities, Cardiff, Birmingham and Nottingham. Our aim was to list these locations and names for the main cast. We have to remember about main actors and list their names on a front page as well as a subpage. All our web projects, as well as this website, have been created in responsive web design mode to be adaptable for all display types. Apart from basic CMS fixtures, like adding the news, users can also add actors and hyperlinks to arena booking systems.


Our website design services for this project also covered the SEO. For special markup, we have injected the website with for the Events. We have also optimised this website for speed and images displays. On the contact page, you can find simple contact form with map linking to google maps locations. Also, for latest GDPR regulations this website was injected with double opt-out and privacy cookies popup. If you would like to view this project please follow the hyperlink in the section above the main image. If you looking for similar design and you need the website that is responsive and modern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Create Website Layout6 hours

  • Convert to CMS13 hours

  • Build Website and create the videos26 hours

  • Bublish and SEO Optimise18 hours

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