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Mobile App Development

Azro is a private build android App developed for the video production company. The main functionality of the app is to list/display videos from the trips around the world. This fascinating project was proposed by the company marketing team. The idea behind it was to provide a “quick” access to all viewers watching their content.

App Development Functionality

Beyond the standard view functions, our app also includes search functions and favourite videos function. The “favourite videos” function is self-explanatory:). The search function consists of 5 search levels where users can filter by location, video length, category, and author.

Mobile App Design

This App Design consists both, clear view on content and simple functionalities. Our new Mobile App is only available to private users following company profile. It was published on Google Play using google EMM.

App Development Platforms

Developed for multiple platforms the Azro App can be efficiently switched to operate on iOS and Windows systems. If you would like to know more or you need android iOS or cross-platform app design, please feel free to drop us an email.