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Mobile App for driving school

In the last six months, we had a pleasure to create a beautiful mobile app and Saas web-based system for driving school. Unfortunately, we can’t share too many details, but I will do my best to take you through the main functions. You will get a good idea of our capabilities and modern technologies we’ve used.

Project Specification & usage

The tasked was to create unique, web/mobile solution that will serve all users and admins of a driving school. Web solution was to be primarily used from the office or admin remote location. The mobile App was to interact with the same database and be used by students.

App functions

First and foremost, our new App must have built-in a calendar function.

Furthermore, we have to create a direct communication interface between student and driving instructor. All this to improve communication with the students from one location(App). Some other functions are payments, lessons limits, notifications, private messages.

Saas Web App

Let’s start with the web App. This interface is build using the Microsoft MVC. Connected to SQL database of high capacity and superfast server response. The web app is to be used by admins to create users and instructors. The App is also there to manage settings and workflow for the specific school. The is so much more about our this MVC project which we will describe further in the next posts.

Our Mobile App Development

Let’s focus on the mobile App we built for this project. Our App is using Xamarin cross-platform solution. What’s Xamarin? Why we are using these libraries. Xamarin is one of the most reliable and popular cross-platform development solutions. It allows one development project to build for three platforms, iOS, Android, Windows. CUtting development time means savings for our clients!

Apps Database Solutions

As mentioned above, there is one SQL database and several solutions connected to it. Our applications using safe API that connects to the same data making sure all users and admins looking at the same piece of information simultaneously.

Safety & Information flow

Safety is one of the most critical aspects of our development. There are different techniques and technologies for what we build, but always only one approach. “The data and information flow must always be safe”. 

Therefore we use API’s to connect to our data with authentication keys and session expirations. Additionally, each application has a login form with a minimum of two authentications steps, for example, the password and the PIN.

What can users do?

Each student can view the instructor calendar and book the next lesson. All this is in a very controlled environment, with limits and settings set by school admin. Each student lesson gets counted and summed up in the student profile. Each student can communicate with the instructor via secure chat, viewed by admin! These and over 36 more functions are running on the App, keeping interaction between student instructor and school owner in the perfect flow.

Please feel free to contact us if you need to know more details or if you are looking to build something similar and need our assistance.