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Web Design and Development – High Wycombe

The wrap-smith.co.uk is a perfect example of a teamwork effort and close working relationship with our customer. Before we’ve designed this website Andrew from Wrap Smith presented us carefully assembled business. His proposal plan for an online marketing tool (wrap-smith.co.uk) included business activities, services including the area he would like to expand his company. Even down to the small details like colours and navigation.

Web Design for Wycombe Businesses

At Simplosoft we love working with clients who know what they want and what to expect from the new website. We have created a new design and developed his website on CMS. Apart from being modern and responsive, his new web design displays some amazing video showcase and eye-catching features. I the Project Gallery page admin can add new projects and allocate them to the area. Thay way Wrap Smith has additional control over the SEO for local businesses. Their target is now not only set for High Wycombe but also local towns like Maidenhead, Slough, Aylesbury. Simple and effective solution passed from Simplsoft to its customers.

Web Design & SEO

Additionally, their website has a dedicated area on the page where they can add PDF leaflets. These are available for download by their customers. Each project pages has a contact form where customers can email the company if they like the project. Alternatively, through the same contact form, they can request the quotation based on the similar design. With this web design, we have offered our SOE Bucks package to optimize the website for local companies. It has been a real pleasure working with Wrap Smith on their web design.