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  • Post Date 13th January 2020
  • Title Web Design Maidenhaed
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Web Design Maidenhaed

One of our last projects in 2019 was to create a competitive website for a premium taxi company from Maidenhead. The new website has to cover all aspects of optimised local web design. Their company operates from Maidenhead and servicing their customers in Beaconsfield, Ascot, Windsor and Virginia Waters.

The new website was created based on bespoke WP development. Integrally covers all SEO aspects, from optimised coding, speed, integration up to optimised titles and responsive design.

Web development Maidenhead

As mentioned above, this website uses the latest WordPress techniques developed by world-leading experts from roots.io. We use this technique for all our premium customers from Maidenhead Wycombe areas. With this approach, our websites are faster and much more secure than standard WordPress installations.

SEO Maidenhead

Why is local SEO so important in 2020? We have over ten years of experience covering web development for Maidenhead we absorbed a considerable increase in SEO competition targeting the first five spots of a first page.

As you are probably aware, most businesses don’t have the time and resources to invest in an in-house marketing team. At Simplosoft, we help them with this by building websites they can expand and optimise themselves. For a quick result, we also offer Google Advertising with two options:

  1. Campaign Creation – for customers to monitor on their behalf
  2. All in ONE – Campaign Creation and monitor

All this so you can have full control of your website and any web marketing projects.

If you are looking local web design company that can effectively and at competitive prices create you a premium website, please feel free to contact us today.

  • Project SEO23hours

  • Create Layout33 hours

  • Build Framework41hours

  • Publish & Optimise54hours

web design maidenhead
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