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CMS stands for the content management system, and it’s a platform that allows end-users to modify their website without any coding knowledge.

Content Management Systems

There are several CMS systems available on the market. Some are more powerful than others. Some with different functionality and interface, but all have the same coding, which is PHP and JavaScript. At Simplosfot we will help you with converting your static website to CMS solution for one of payment. Your new CMS website can have popular WordPress, reliable Concrete5 or easy to use MODx system embedded.

We Master The Code

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

We can convert almost any website to the bespoke CMS solutions. If for any reason none of the above fit your purpose, we have a code knowledge to modify, expand these systems. In some cases, you may want to shrink your CMS for better performance and speed.

Because we have experience in CMS functionality and various coding techniques we can also help you with this optimisation. Furthermore, we are 100% flexible when it comes to a decision, about whether our customer would like to choose a bespoke design from us or one of the templates available on the market.

CMS Systems

We use
wordpress logo

WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems available. With its always growing community, it delivers the uncountable number of various plugins and solutions. Because so popular it's also one of the most hackers targeted CMS. At Simplosoft we always treat security seriously, and none of our websites gets publish without additional security features.

concrete5 logo

Concrete 5 CMS

It's another advanced CMS system we have used for some of our websites. One of the advantages of using Concrete 5 is its security. Another one if the feature that allows the user to modify pages from the frontend in its visual composer. Unfortunately, all these extras have an impact on website speed and user interaction.

modx logo


This small CMS system is both, fast and reliable. It has several useful features, the same as the other two. However, it can't really compete with them in terms of diversity and plugin flexibility. Having said that, this CMS is of the best solutions for small websites. If you need the management system that handles simple content updates, MODx may be your best solution.