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Search Engine Optimisation

Faster, Better Websites

Our website SEO services cover what we believe is one of the most important factors within the web development process. Our team has expert knowledge on how to best google optimise your website and boost your ranking. It’s vitally important that SEO is done correctly in an efficient manner. We believe in affordable search engine optimisation, and we want for your website to receive high-quality traffic and reach the first search page.

Our team will discuss with you in detail and take the time to understand your business, and it’s strategies. We will create business-driven phrases and relevant page content that boosts your ranking.

Website Audit

Our SEO consulting services means that we’re able to offer SEO on every website that we create as part of the package.

We also offer separate SEO audits in which you will be able to see which pages of your website are generating traffic and hints on how to improve your online stats. Please read more in the website reports section.

SEO Reports

Bespoke & Clean Reports

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Our Bespoke Reports

Complete Reports

Website Crawling Reports

Detailed Analysis

local seo audit

SEO Crawling Reports

Easy to Read

Audit Report

Finds all web errors

seo reports

Website Audit Reports

Find & Remove all Errors

SEO Reports

Important statistics

We will review reports on existing domain names, page structure, keywords, content, links, images, videos, social media & much more. This information allows us to google-optimise your site using composed tactics and tracking techniques.

There are no shortcuts, and we pride ourselves in taking care of website performance. Therefore, we use our site checker tools to scan your website existing pages to generate an extensive report of its standings including backlinks, ranking and full existing website performance and errors.

Our team will eradicate the issues that are harming your website ranking. If you list us your competitors, we will supply comprehensive reports on their websites. It’s a best starting point technique to review competitors pages with our site checker tools, to understand how to gain an advantage, and appear higher in ranking.

SEO Backlinks

Linking Strategies

Page authority and website security have never been so critical as they're today. One of the best tactics of building your online reputation is to gain backlinks to your website. Backlinks to your pages are a clear signal to all search engines that the content of your pages is high-quality.

Simplosoft will help you with building your backlinks profile. We will find you high-quality, relevant to your business links. We will also scan your backlink profile and will help you with removing harmful links.

Online Marketing

What's important

We offer ongoing support for all technical aspects of running successful website development. With constant growth and effective online appearance. However, we're not here to waste your time and money in meaningless campaigns that run over twelve months and generate minimal impact. Instead, we'll let you know what works for our existing customers and our growth plan will be in stages.

The only time we will offer ongoing weekly marketing support is for, Google and Facebook paid campaigns. Where our interaction with these platforms is crucial, and to make sure you maximise your investment. Our input will require daily budget reviews and keyword monitoring.

Website Audit

Comprehensive Reports

We will take the time to review various elements of your website, such as content, keywords used, links, images, videos and structure. It’s important to focus on outperforming competitors and improving your existing pages. The Website Audit report will list all errors for your website pages. We will also supply you an extended explanation for "Why this error occurred" and most importantly on "How to correct it".

If you use us for this SEO optimisation, as a part of this service, we will supply another Audit Report on how we corrected all your web errors!