Smart and Modern Websites.

Web Design & Development

Local Code Experts

We will work with you to create a custom website design that is both, modern and fits your business needs. We aim to improve your design with Search Engine Optimization, to enhance the identity and its ranking.

Mobile Friendly Websites

We take the time to understand your business and target audience and will work with you to create an affordable website design. Our websites are developed to run at a high-performance, and responsive web design is at the core of everything we do. We believe that it’s vital for your website to have consistent performance across all platforms and devices.

A responsive website will deliver the same exceptional results regardless of the display or platform. At Simplsoft we believe that you should never underestimate the importance of professional website design.

Custom Websites & CMS

Simple and effective

Every website we create is unique, and the custom designs we tailor to your specific requirements. We always create a new website design, and there is a fresh approach to every project. In contrast, if you have a website layout that is outdated or dysfunctional, we can redesign to provide a professional look with outstanding usability and user experience.

Our team will make sure your new website design integrates SEO to deliver high-quality traffic to your business. We also have extensive knowledge of popular CMS platforms like Wordpress, MODx or Concrete5.

If your business requires a website that is regularly updated then our CMS web solutions are the perfect answer! We can also convert your existing static webpages to a CMS platform, and our team will tailor them to be one of the best amongst your competitors.

Web Design

web design prototype

Prototype Step 1

Each project is visually prepared and presented to customers as a "Web Design Prototype". Structure, layout and interface.

business domains registration

Domain Step 2

We will register your company website domain and use our tools to find you a name most suitable for our business.

website hosting high wycombe

Hosting Step 3

Our web design quotes include hosting and domain plans. Unless you would like to use your own.

local web development

Development Step 4

Once the prototype and all details agreed we will start your website development. Regardless of static pages or CMS, we are code masters!

search engine optimize

SEO Step 5

No website should be published without search engine optimisation! We offer SEO with all our web packages.

website security

Security Step 6

We are GDPR approved. All our projects are built with additional security features. We protect the customer data with a personalised password and other features.

website publishing

Publishing Step 7

Important is to follow all steps and make sure that the process for the new website is different than replacing existing web pages.

website support wycombe

Support Sep 8

At the end of each project, we offer contract support. Regardless of project size, we supply our clients with free video tutorials. You will always have something to refer to for FAQ.